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Plan Upgrades, Are You Saving More?

Nobody loves receiving an expensive bill! If you receive one, you can always reach out to us and we'll help you look into how it came about. Often, it could be due to the extra usage of your plan's allowed minutes, which is always an easy fix!

So how do you prevent expensive bills?

The answer is simple. Plan Upgrades!

You may think plan upgrades are additional costs for you and you'll end up paying more than what you usually do. This is partly correct.

The more important effect of a plan upgrade is that, while you initially pay a little more, you get minutes to use in your usage period. When you use these minutes, then compare the costs had you not have upgraded, it works out to be much cheaper!

Remember the minutes used beyond your plan's allowed minutes are billed at $0.15 per minute. So to illustrate, you're on Landline Basic with 300 minutes to use at $29 per month. Yet you've used a total of 900 minutes that brought your bill to below:

$29 for the 300 minutes of your plan for $29 $90 for the 600 minutes of extra usage – $600 x $0.15 $119 total invoice for payment

If you upgraded to Landline Complete with 1,200 minutes to use,

you'll just pay $79 And get a total of 1,200 minutes That's $40 savings with more minutes!

At uConnected, we want you to be able to maximize your usage at a cost that's affordable to you so you can forward calls to your mobile without constantly checking over your minutes. Depending on your current usage, it's highly recommended to upgrade your plan and pay only the price difference. The remaining minutes from your new plan would then be added automatically. It's that simple and fast!

If you forgot to inform us ahead of time and your invoice is already generated with the extra usage costs, just email us, we're always ready to help! Contact us via your Dashboard or through our Contact page.

Do you need to know more? Don't hesitate to get in touch right here!

Or are you interested to try uConnected? If you're interested in getting a landline number for mobile, check us out and try the service completely free! Simply head over to this link.

May 17th, 2021