How it Works

Choose your new landline, 1300 or 1800 phone number, set when it works and where calls are delivered. Use the app to make outbound calls.

Choose a Landline, 1300 or 1800 Number

Choose a Landline, 1300 or 1800 Number

Pick your favourite phone number from our collection to make it yours. Alternatively, bring your own or ask for a custom one!

Add Your Mobile & Schedule

Add Your Mobile & Schedule

Set when your phone number works and which phones ring when it's dialled. Change this online at any time without charge.

Here Come the Calls

Here Come the Calls

When your uConnected number is dialled within the set schedule, your chosen phones will ring. Voicemails are delivered via email. Easy!



Access your Dashboard 24/7 to configure exactly when you're available for calls. Taking the day off? Send incoming calls to a colleague's mobile or directly to voicemail. Available this weekend? Schedule that too. It takes seconds!

Choose a Landline, 1300 or 1800 Number

Powerful Features

Complete Scheduling

Choose exactly when people can call by setting your available hours in the Dashboard. Set individual days, be open 24/7 or closed. All online.

Welcome Greetings

Set an automated welcome greeting to introduce your products, services and features - all seamlessly while calls are being forwarded to you!

Record & Block Calls

Most recharge options include call recording, as well as blocked caller functionality. Giving you powerful call management & audit controls.

Forward Calls to Multiple Phones

When people call during your available hours you can set up to 3 phones to ring. Add yourself, a colleague & a family member. No one available? It'll go to voicemail!

Unlimited Voicemail to Email

When you're unavailable calls are delivered directly to your dedicated voicemail service. Their messages are attached to an email and instantly sent to your inbox!

No Contracts - Try it Today

Choose your number & try it in minutes month! Enjoy the full range of features, if you love it then keep it going! No contracts, no line rental, no worries.


uConnected enables you to choose a new contact phone number. When people dial that number your mobile phone rings – so the callers never see your mobile phone number.

This means you can:

  • Schedule when people can call
  • Make outbound calls using the uConnected mobile app that present as your uConnected number
  • Direct people to our 'Voicemail to Email' service
  • Balance your personal life with customer requirements

All the while carrying only your personal mobile phone.

uConnected's Dashboard feature-set is unrivalled and allows full control over who can call you, when and where their calls are delivered, the after-hours greeting they hear, as well as included access to Holiday Mode that, with just a click, sends all incoming calls directly to voicemail. Giving you the power to manage every element of your business' communications from one place.

Services are activated instantly! You can sign up and be making calls in minutes.

Sure! If you'd like to bring your own 1800, 1300 or landline number simply use the normal new member page and select any number from the list of options. Once you've created your account please get in touch and we'll begin the porting process. Please note that there's a one-off $55 charge to port a number and it takes between five and 21 days to take place, this is depending on the losing carrier's porting queue.

Yes, absolutely! Simply download the uConnected mobile app for iOS and Android to get started. You can use the app to make outbound calls that present as your uConnected phone number, and so much more.

Yes, indeed! Call recording is included with all 1300/1800 recharge options, and also with selected landline options. Check out the Pricing page for inclusions.

Yes, our highly rated iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android apps are now available. Simply search for 'uConnected' in your device's App Store or Play Store. You can use the app to make outbound calls that present as your uConnected phone number. Explore the other features on the Mobile App page.

All of these features are available on every recharge option except the $29 option. They're built-in from the get go and are ready for you to customise! Effortlessly send calls to up to three people, introduce your products and services while callers wait for you to answer, and block people who call a little too often with a click! Manage it all from within your Dashboard.

Almost any Aussie landline or mobile can be made to ring when people dial your uConnected phone number. The device just needs to be located in Australia and be switched on with reception. If you're travelling overseas with your Australian mobile it too may be able to receive calls. Provided you have international roaming enabled with your Australian mobile phone provider, then it will work. uConnected does not charge any extra when this is the case but it's very important to contact your mobile phone provider to check the cost of this as some charge substantially for overseas use.

Yes but there are a few things to consider to know for sure. Calls can currently only be forwarded to Australian mobile phones or landlines, so the system won't allow an overseas phone number to be provided as a destination for calls. Having said that, if you're taking your Australian mobile phone overseas (and have international roaming enabled with your mobile phone provider) then it will work. uConnected does not charge any extra when this is the case but it's very important to contact your mobile phone provider to check the cost of this as some charge substantially for overseas use.

Yes, absolutely! Simply visit our new members page and choose your new number. If you'd like a custom 1800 or 1300 number, the ACMA sells usage rights to these types of numbers for an upfront cost, usually around $250. Once purchased, you're able to use them across any provider. Get in touch to bring yours to uConnected.

Yes, absolutely. Simply get in touch and we'll order a landline phone number from your chosen area. There's no extra charge for this however it can take 4-5 days for the phone number to be allocated by the ACMA.

You're more than welcome to provide a professionally recorded voicemail or welcome greeting. Simply prepare it as a WAV or MP3 file and email it to us. We'll upload it to your service right away. The same is true if you have your own hold music – we'll enable that on your service too.

When people dial your new number their caller ID will be displayed on your device. This helps you know who is calling and so you can keep their phone number to get back in touch with them. When you answer the call, instead of being directly connected to the caller, you'll hear an automated prompt announcing that this is a uConnected phone call and requesting you 'Press 1' to answer. You're also able to dismiss the call by simply hanging up, in which case it will be routed to uConnected voicemail. The caller won't know you have dismissed their call!

You're also able to disable the automated prompt asking you to 'Press 1' from within the Dashboard. When disabled, you'll be directly connected to inbound callers without having to touch your keypad, however you won't know the call is being forwarded via uConnected. In this scenario the voicemail of your mobile device will be used instead of uConnected's built-in voicemail to email service.

All uConnected voice data services are hosted in Australia at leading data centres with enterprise-grade security. Your privacy matters. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

Not at all. You can leave uConnected at any time without incurring costs outside of your current usage for that month. If you'd like to keep your phone number you're welcome to port it to another provider – just make sure this happens before the associated uConnected account is closed so that the number remains active.


If you decide uConnected isn't driving results for you – no problem. Cancel online at any time.