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How it Works

Choose your new landline, 1300 or 1800 phone number, set when it works and where calls are delivered.

Choose your number

Choose a Landline, 1300 or 1800 Number

Pick your favourite phone number from our collection to make it yours. Alternatively, bring your own or ask for a custom one!

Set multiple endpoints

Add Your Mobile & Schedule

Set when your phone number works and which phones ring when it’s dialled. Change this online at any time without charge.

Toggle call availability

Here Come the Calls

When your uConnected number is dialled within the set schedule, your chosen phones will ring. Voicemails are delivered via email. Easy!


Access the Dashboard to set exactly when you’re available for calls. Choose to send incoming calls to a friend, colleague or directly to voicemail. Available this weekend? Schedule that too. Finishing early? Easy!

See the Dashboard in action
See it in Action
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Schedule Available

Choose exactly when people can call by setting your available hours in the Dashboard. Set individual days, be open 24/7 or closed. All online.

Block Unwanted Callers

The Standard, Complete & Unlimited landline plans, plus all 1300 & 1800 plans, allow the creation of a blocked callers list. Inbound calls from these numbers go directly to voicemail, their calls will never make your phone ring!

Forward Calls to Multiple Phones

When people call during your available hours you can set up to 3 phones to ring. Add yourself, a colleague & a family member. No one available? It'll go to voicemail!

Unlimited Voicemail to Email

When you're unavailable calls are delivered directly to your dedicated voicemail service. Their messages are attached to an email and instantly sent to your inbox!

Welcome Greetings

Set an automated welcome greeting to introduce your products, services and features - all seamlessly while calls are being forwarded to you!

No Commitment - Try it Free

Choose your number & try it free for up to a month! Enjoy the full range of features at no cost, if you love it then keep it going! No contracts, no line rental, no worries.


If you decide uConnected isn’t driving results for you – no problem. No commitment. Cancel online at any time.

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