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Privacy & Terms

Effective date: December 29, 2017

About uConnected

uConnected Pty Ltd (“uConnected,” “we,” “us” or “our”) is a Melbourne-based business providing expert communication solutions to Australians. Our Services include many VoIP products to help businesses best serve their customers. We thrive in an innovative environment and are always working to provide the very best for our customers. We hope you love uConnected!

This document explains the types of information stored, how it’s handled and other important details about our services.

1. Information Collected

  • Information you provide during the registration process is used for the business of providing your uConnected Service and for compliance with ACMA regulations.
  • Analytics services are managed through Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager to help us measure traffic and usage trends for this website. It cannot reasonably be used to identify any particular individual User.
  • Cookies are used by this website to remember your account login status and for other core usability features. They are not used for advertising purposes.
  • Log file information provided by your web browser while navigating the website may be collected in order to comply with Australian Data Retention Laws. This includes the IP address and subsequent changes made to your account once logged in.

2. How we Handle Your Information

We take privacy seriously at uConnected. This means that your information is stored in accordance with Australian Law and is not disclosed, shared or sold to any third parties unless they are responsible for helping us deliver the Service. We will, however, comply with information requests where required to by law. This website, and the content you submit, is encrypted while it is in transit to prevent unauthorised access. Your password is stored using industry standard one-way encryption, meaning it is not readable or decryptable even by the uConnected team. Any payment information supplied is not stored by uConnected and is instead kept securely by our payment processor, Braintree (owned by PayPal.)

Additionally, the content of your calls is not recorded or stored by our system. The only information kept is what is used to populate the Call History feature in the My Account section, and what Australian Metadata Retention Laws require to be kept. This website, and associated Services, are hosted in a state-of-the-art data centre in Melbourne, Australia.

As you can see, we take this stuff seriously!

3. The Service we Provide

Communications solutions are what we do, and we do them well. We aim to provide you the very best, most reliable Service possible. This means that we are constantly working to ensure our Service is delivered to the utmost standard of quality. Unfortunately things can go wrong and in the event we are unable to deliver the Service, we do not accept liability for loss (financial or otherwise) that you may incur. It’s unlikely to happen – in fact, it hasn’t happened yet – but we just don’t know what the future holds.

Upon creation of a uConnected account, members are subscribed to our email newsletter. It’s packed with tips, offers and new features – though members can opt out at any time using the unsubscribe link in the email footer. Note that you may not opt out of Service-related emails.

4. Billing, Refunds & Cancellations

uConnected bills customers for their Service monthly in advance, with any extra usage charges added to the following month’s total. Invoices are delivered to email inboxes on the first day of your billing period with an automated payment attempted from your nominated credit/debit on the fifth day. We’ll attempt payment of the monthly invoice total in this fashion until you cancel or revise your service – there are no contracts. Unused allowances of minutes expire at the end of the monthly billing period and do not rollover to the following month. All invoice, billing and usage related processes occur in Melbourne/Sydney time, that’s AEST or AEDT time zones. We’ll display your Call History in your chosen time zone so it’s easy to interpret.

Customers are able to cancel their Service at any time, though by doing so any remaining allocation of consumable minutes will be forfeited without refund. Upon cancellation the uConnected Service will immediately cease to function so it is important to have either notified customers of your altered contact details, or to have ported the number to another provider. uConnected does not charge a fee to port your number away, though your new provider may charge one.

If, at the time of cancellation, usage has accumulated on the account which exceeds the allocation of the user’s plan, the user will simply be billed via their nominated payment method for those additional minutes. The rate is $0.15 per minute consumed outside of the plan’s allocation.

Our automated abuse detection system may detect excessive usage on a member’s account and prevent further usage. Excessive usage is the use of minutes considerably beyond a member’s included allowance, generally above 200%. In this event the system may end a member’s period early in order to prevent members from accidentally owing thousands of dollars in excess usage charges. This can only occur when a member has exhausted the minutes they have paid for and are rapidly consuming additional minutes. The member’s usage period will be revised to conclude early which will cause them to be immediately invoiced for their next prepaid period, along with the current period’s excess usage charges. The member’s service will not be interrupted unless the invoice is not paid by its due date. We provide much notice in the unlikely event this takes place and its purpose is simply to prevent ‘bill shock’ for our valued members!

When people call your uConnected phone number their service provider will charge them the usual rate for that type of call. Since most uConnected phone numbers are landlines, this is normally a flat rate local call however it can vary depending on the location of your customer and the arrangement they have with their service provider. Neither you nor uConnected are responsible for any charges applied by a caller’s carrier when they dial your uConnected phone number.

Every now and again uConnected offers promotional discounts to current and new members. These discounts are applied exclusively to regular monthly invoices and not to plan upgrades or other purchases that members can make. Discounts are calculated as either a percentage of the monthly invoice’s total or as a dollar value, both of which are deducted from the invoice to reduce its total. Regardless of how many discounts are applied, monthly invoices cannot go into credit. If a member applies discounts that force the total value of the invoice below zero, that invoice simply becomes zero. Members cannot accrue credits or be owed funds.

Additionally, uConnected may offer new members the opportunity to try our service for free. This free trial has no obligations and the new member can cancel at any time within their first month without incurring costs. Trials include a restricted number of call forwarding minutes and are available once per person, phone number, email address and/or payment method. Free trials are made available at the discretion of staff and as granted by the supporting technology systems.

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and include GST. They are subject to change, you’ll be notified in advance if this is to happen.

5. Service Delivery

uConnected accounts become active just moments after users complete the sign up process. If issues are encountered during the connection process you will be notified immediately. Most customers are able to use their new phone number within minutes!

Please keep in mind that uConnected reserves the right to terminate Service to any customer at any time. Especially in situations relating to:

  • Illegal use of the Service
  • Account/Billing related issues
  • Excessive, unreasonable or fraudulent use
  • At the request of the Government through the proper procedures

uConnected is not suitable nor intended for use by those operating call centres, collections agencies or direct sales services. Please get in touch if you require such a service and we’ll gladly help find something that fits your needs.

Customers understand that uConnected cannot be held liable for any losses resulting from Service termination, downtime or interruptions. This includes legal costs, damages, sales, expenses and lost business.

6. Fair Use of the Service

We work to deliver the best possible experience to all uConnected members, including equitable access to our network resources. In order to ensure this we reserve the right to limit, restrict or terminate the service of individuals whose usage we consider excessive, unreasonable or fraudulent. The overwhelming majority of members will not experience related service disruptions. All consumption within a member’s allowance of minutes, where that allowance is not unlimited, is considered fair use. Usage beyond 2,500 minutes within a member’s period on any plan (including ‘unlimited’ plans or plans without a set limit) is considered excessive use.

7. Changes to our Privacy & Terms

uConnected may modify or update this information from time to time, so it’s important to review it periodically. We’ll ensure the date at the beginning reflects the most recent changes. Your continued use of the Service after such revisions will constitute your acceptance of these modifications.

uConnected Pty Ltd | ABN: 88 619 480 509 | PO Box 45, Mitcham 3132