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3 Benefits of Setting Forwarding Calls for Remote Teams

With all that’s happening in the world currently, it’s not surprising that more and more Australians are working remotely. According to the ABS, about 40 percent of people worked from home at least once a week in February 2021. Gone are the days where everyone on your team shared the same office space, allowing

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Signing up for uConnected – the 1800 Number Plans

1800 numbers are ‘toll-free’ numbers and are usually used by larger businesses. Callers generally won’t pay anything for calling you, however, the cost for this plan is a bit higher than that of a landline number or a 1300 number.  The 1800 Plan has three (3) options that you can choose from depending on your

2021-07-23T10:44:57+11:00August 23rd, 2021|

Signing up for uConnected – the 1300 Number Plans

What are 1300 numbers, and are they the right plan for you? A 1300 number is billed as a local rate, meaning that the charge is the same regardless of if your customers are calling a number in the same town as you, or if it's a call from across the country/forwarded to a mobile

2021-07-23T10:44:33+11:00August 16th, 2021|

Signing up for uConnected – the Landline Plans

The most common plan, and the first on our list, are the Landline Plans. When you sign up for a uConnected Service and choose this plan, you will be asked to select a number from a dropdown list of what is available online. You can then use up to 600 minutes absolutely free for up

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Signing up for uConnected – What’s the best Plan for you?

Is your uConnected service useful for you? Have you maximised it for your needs? These are simple yet critical questions you can ask yourself to ensure that you are getting the most out of your uConnected service. uConnected is open to all feedback and works hard to find a way to resolve member concerns as

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Control your monthly spend – a RECAP

Imagine having fewer worries every day and more time to spend with those who matter as well as never missing out on important calls. Is that something you’d like to have? During these difficult times, one less worry could really benefit someone as busy as you! This ‘landline in your pocket’ service should be both

2021-07-23T10:42:08+11:00July 26th, 2021|

Control your monthly spend – MONITOR your call history page

Take advantage of your ability to explore your call history. There you'll find comprehensive details of all the calls made to your uConnected number and more! You can view your callers, and the total minutes used for your current period date. Use this to counter-check your account usage and your bill.  The Call History page

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Control your monthly spend – READ your uConnected emails

We’ll never get tired of reaching out to you to keep you updated on your account. You can always expect an email or two from us letting you know of your account usage and your bills. We don’t want you to miss a thing (or two!) when it comes to your uConnected service. So please

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Control your monthly spend – KEEP TABS on your account usage

It’s possible to miss the emails and the SMSes relating to your service usage, as we’re all busy every day for work and spending time with those who matter. No worries! If you do, you can always keep tabs on your usage by checking your Dashboard. Here, you’ll find your total usage and the remaining

2021-06-03T12:10:49+11:00June 28th, 2021|

Control your monthly spend – PAY ATTENTION your SMSes

uConnected keeps you updated throughout your membership and we make sure you get your personalised reminders and service status notifications on time. At a specific date, on specific hours, you’ll receive an SMS for your account updates. Please don’t miss it and take a moment to check it out.  SMS notifications often include your usage,

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