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Could you use a landline that's as mobile as you are? Never ever miss a call from your loved ones with uConnected!

How it Works

Pick a New Smart 1300 Number

Be better connected and more reachable with a new phone number, or simply bring your own! Thousands are just a tap away.

Set When it Works

Schedule your available hours so people can only call within the times you allow. Their voicemails will be sent to your email inbox.

Choose Where Calls are Delivered

Forward calls directly to your mobile phone, a friend's landline or a colleague who's on the go. Or all three! Manage everything online.
Choose a Landline, 1300 or 1800 Number



Access the Dashboard 24/7 to configure exactly when you're available for calls. Taking the day off? Send incoming calls to a colleague's mobile or directly to voicemail. Available this weekend? Schedule that too.