Adding New Services

Members are now able to set up multiple uConnected services to help meet all of their needs! While logged into your first account, simply select the plus icon shown along the top row. It's the icon shown next to your uConnected phone number.

Once you've got multiple phone numbers set up you'll see them all on your next log in. You'll be able to select the one you'd like to manage with ease. To get started with this new feature please visit:

A few notes about how this works:

  • All account management happens on a per phone number basis, so when members have multiple phone numbers they'll be prompted to choose which account they'd like to manage each time they log in. This includes features related to scheduling, billing and the recording greetings.
  • Each service will be invoiced separately and can also be cancelled or ported to other providers separately.
  • A free trial is available only on the first account set up per member, and new services can only be set up from accounts that are currently active.

August 12th, 2018