Getting a 1800 Number

A lot of our members who own a business or are preparing to open up a business, choose a 1800 virtual landline number that can be used to forward their incoming calls to their landline and mobile phones.

There's no line rental when it comes to getting one and it's yours to use while your service is active, and you can port your number to another provider at any time. It's super easy to get started with uConnected.

Generally, services with these special numbers cost more than the regular landline plans. Currently the plans and pricing for our 1800 numbers start with the $79 Plan package. We want to help you achieve great results. Do you need a higher plan to support high volume of calls? Please hover on the full pricing of our 1800 plans in different tier packages right here. Our plans may change in the future.

Are you ready to divert your landline to mobile for your business? Get started today! Head over to this link.

May 31st, 2021