Instant Call Forwarding to your Landline and Mobile!

In the tradie world, having a landline will make your business look professional. You could always share your mobile number with your customers, but as your business grows, so are your customer interactions and business needs. You might find yourself bombarded with a lot of customer calls at all hours of the day. They can be hard to escape!

Most of our member's route calls to specific people at different times each day, and send calls directly to voicemail at others. As a result, this will save business owners more time so they can be doing what matters most in their business. uConnected understands this and we've got a way to help you out.

How can you manage your business calls?

It's actually very simple. After you've successfully signed-up, the mobile number you used in the sign up process will immediately be assigned as your call forwarding number. From there, it's going to be easy to either update it to another landline or mobile number. You also have the ability to set a time for each day and a dedicated phone number to receive your calls. This is called the Advance Scheduling Feature, where you can have multiple schedules each day of the week independently, multiple availability windows in a single day, and to pause calls entirely.

You have complete control over when your customers can call you.

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May 10th, 2021