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Is uConnected Expensive? How much does uConnected cost?

Absolutely not! uConnected has pricing tiers carefully plotted by the company's top minds with the aim of providing its members the best option suited to fit their needs. Thie pricing tiers are carefully thought of so it's reasonable for both parties.

uConnected is priced to give you the best possible value! You can find our pricing online at There's a comprehensive comparison between Landline, 1300 and 1800 plans, so you can choose exactly which meets your needs.

Going over your plan's minutes? No dramas! You can always upgrade and it'll take effect in real-time, where you'll only pay for the difference between your old and your new plan. So if you're on the $29 plan and you decide to upgrade to the $49 plan, you'll only have to pay $20, easy as!

The extra usage costs:

All of our plans include a limited allocation of call forwarding minutes, except our Unlimited Landline plan, which is of course unlimited! We'll send you usage alerts as you consume this allocation, but if you don't upgrade your plan and consume additional minutes then an extra usage cost applies.

The extra usage cost is determined by your plan and is usually billed at 15c per minute. It's very often better value to upgrade your plan during your usage period instead of paying for extra usage by the minute.

To illustrate, if you're on our Landline Basic plan that includes 300 minutes to use, but you've used 480 minutes, that means you have 180 minutes of extra usage or an extra usage cost of $27.

180 mins extra usage X 15c per minute = $27

With this usage, your next invoice would be $29 for your usual plan cost + $27 extra usage from your previous period. That's $56 depending on your minutes used before the next renewal date. The cheaper solution is to upgrade your plan during your usage period so that the extra usage minutes disappear!

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April 26th, 2021