New Feature: Caller Blocking

We promised it and here it is – Caller Blocking is now live!

Members enjoying our $49 & $79/month plans can now block callers they don't want to speak to. Block as many people as you like! When people who have been blocked ring your number the call is sent directly to voicemail, it won't make your phone ring. They won't know that they've been blocked either, to them it just seems as though your voicemail picked it up the call instantly. Not as though you dismissed it.

Use this fantastic feature to provide the best service to the customers who matter most. When a caller who is blocked rings your uConnected phone number it works like this:

  1. A caller you have blocked dials your uConnected number
  2. Regardless of the schedule, their call is sent directly to your uConnected voicemail
  3. If they leave a message it will be attached to an email and sent to you as usual

There are no additional charges to use this new feature, it's simply included in the $49 & $79/month plans. If you'd like to set this up, simply log into your Dashboard and select Greetings from the left side of the main menu.

Hope you love it! Alex from uConnected

November 12th, 2016