New Feature: Invoice Histories

We love it when members get in touch to suggest new features that would make uConnected an even better fit for their business. We recently received a request for the ability to view historical invoices within the Dashboard, so they can be downloaded or printed for tax purposes. Previously we've only emailed those but sometimes that's not ideal. We thought it was a brilliant idea and immediately implemented it!

All members can now access a detailed history of their previous invoices via the Plan & Payment page in the Dashboard. You're able to view every single invoice you've ever received, as well as upcoming invoices and payment statuses. All the things your accountant needs to work their magic!

Click here to log into the Dashboard and check it out. If you have a feature suggestion, or would like help with anything, please contact us at anytime.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Alex from uConnected

February 3rd, 2017