uConnected & Engin Numbers

What are Engin Numbers?

Engin numbers were once a popular means of connecting using virtual phone numbers that routed over the internet to an endpoint, with the underlying platform built on VoIP technology. The numbers had a range of benefits however unfortunately they're no longer available! The platform was discontinued by its owner several years ago so it's not possible to set up such a service. Still, lots of people know about Engin numbers and we're regularly asked whether uConnected services are actually Engin services.

Is a uConnected landline an Engin number?

Not quite! uConnected has some features that are shared by Engin numbers, such as the ability to forward calls anywhere in the country at any time, but that's about all they have in common. Engin numbers depend on VoIP to transfer calls over the internet, whereas uConnected uses fixed infrastructure to route calls, just like your home landline and mobile phone. So a uConnected number isn't an Engin number, and it's also not a VoIP service.

This is actually a really good thing as it means uConnected services are able to receive calls from people who wouldn't otherwise be able to make a call to a VoIP service. It's a big plus!

June 29th, 2020