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Control your monthly spend and manage your service with ease

Keeping up with the demands of your business or your personal life is as challenging as these trying times. Your business has to grow so you work hard for it but you also need time to yourself. This is a fact. In the previous blog, we’ve asked you how you would feel if you got

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Getting a 1800 Number 

A lot of our members who own a business or are preparing to open up a business, choose a 1800 virtual landline number that can be used to forward their incoming calls to their landline  and mobile phones. There’s no line rental when it comes to getting one and it’s yours to use while your

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Getting a 1300 Number 

Generally 1300 numbers are not toll-free as calls to 1800 numbers often are. The caller is charged a local call rate, depending on their provider arrangement, when dialling from an Australian landline and mobile phone. Depending on your business needs, you can choose a 1300 Virtual Landline number for your uConnected service.  Additionally, the same

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Plan Upgrades, Are You Saving More?

Nobody loves receiving an expensive bill! If you receive one, you can always reach out to us and we’ll help you look into how it came about. Often, it could be due to the extra usage of your plan’s allowed minutes, which is always an easy fix! So how do you prevent expensive bills? The

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Instant Call Forwarding to your Landline and Mobile!

In the tradie world, having a landline will make your business look professional. You could always share your mobile number with your customers, but as your business grows, so are your customer interactions and business needs. You might find yourself bombarded with a lot of customer calls at all hours of the day. They can

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Is uConnected Expensive? How much does uConnected cost?

Absolutely not! uConnected has pricing tiers carefully plotted by the company’s top minds with the aim of providing its members the best option suited to fit their needs. Thie pricing tiers are carefully thought of so it’s reasonable for both parties.  uConnected is priced to give you the best possible value! You can find our

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Updating Your uConnected Account Details

We always encourage our members to log in to their Dashboard and manage their accounts online. This will provide the autonomy to manage your service. From your mobile phone numbers, to your addresses, your payment details, and preferred email addresses for invoices and voicemails, everything is within your reach. You could also check your call

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Understanding Invoice Extensions 

As we continue to move forward amidst the challenges brought about by these trying times, uConnected understands that funds to manage invoices may not be available at exactly the right time. As part of our commitment to support you, we’ve introduced a feature in your Dashboard that’ll allow you to get 10 extra days added

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Is uConnected the best service for you?

Whether you’re running a business or receiving calls from your loved ones, uConnected offers top-of-the-line services that anyone in Australia can avail of. We aim to provide the best landline numbers forwarded to mobile phones! Our features and services are a pleasure to navigate and are designed to let the members explore the self-service options,

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Am I being charged $1 when I sign up to uConnected?

Have you ever wondered why you are seeing a $1 charge when you have successfully completed your sign-up with uConnected? This is a function of how banks determine whether an account is open and available for transactions. The money never actually leaves your account and will reappear after a very short while. It’s a common

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